On having opinions

This post came about after I asked myself:
Why do I have a blog and what do I want from it?

I have recently discovered that I have opinions. This is entirely new to me and I am not always sure what to do with them. I have found that opinions have a desire to be liberated and shared, preferably as widely as possible. This does cause me to suspect that opinions may actually be viruses. Hmmm. Well, like viruses, not all opinions are harmful and I will attempt not to infect you with anything unpleasant.

In my pre-opinioned life I really should have noticed that opinions want to be shared (no one ever got called opinionated for keeping their mouth shut) but I just didn’t realise the internal pressure that came from trying to keep them in. Although I did not realise it when I set up my blog, this is the perfect place to relieve some of that pressure; to vent, if you will.

I suspect that certain friends and colleagues may be relieved if some of that venting is directed out into the vast open plains of the internet rather than to/at them. Not that I make any promises to not to rant outside of the blog – I am but newly in possession of these opinions and as yet inexperienced at corralling them into acceptable forms.

This is also why as yet there are no discernible themes in this blog. I have new-found opinions on a wide variety of matters and consequently I am covering a variety of matters here. Perhaps this will settle down, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. While I would love to have a blog with many followers hanging on to my every word, this is not why I am writing.

    I have opinions, therefore I blog.

P.S. To all those teachers out there who told me to share my opinion more in class (in my school days, obviously): I didn’t share them because I did not have any until over a decade after I left school so it would have been rather tricky.


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