On quarter-life crises

I had my quarter-life crisis several years ago and, at the time, believed I had coined the phrase myself. At the same time I noticed that a substantial number of my friends and acquaintances were going through their own versions of it.

A little googling today showed me that the phenomenon has been recognised by others since the early years of this millennium, with even the BBC News taking notice in this 2002 article. Clearly the quarter-life crisis does exist and is worth talking about.

So why didn’t anyone talk to me about it? I think it would have really helped me to know how many other people out there were also having quarter-life crises. For this reason the message I’d like to communicate in this little post is that we should publicise the quarter-life crisis because everyone feels better when they know they’re not alone.


One thought on “On quarter-life crises

  1. libroediting says:

    Men often get a 30 crisis, then again I had one of my own too…

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