Personal goals and challenges

I really enjoy the Freshly Pressed page here on WordPress because I’m glad to be introduced to new blogs and there’s often something interesting or amusing to read. A few days ago Simply Diane… was freshly pressed and while exploring her archives I came across her birthday challenge post in which she outlines a personal challenge to herself to get the most out of her year by achieving 365 wonderful things. There were some phrases she used that really rang a bell with me, not least:
“I am a  somewhat neurotic creature of habit and not a big fan of change”!

So I have decided to follow her lead and use my blog to document some personal achievements. I will not be challenging myself to achieve a certain number in a certain time (I have a wedding to plan after all) but I will concentrate on the areas of self-discovery, self-development and stepping out of my comfort zone.

I plan to post numbered achievements here on my blog in the Category Personal Achievements.

I’ll begin with a few I achieved this weekend:

1. Had two friends to stay for a weekend. Perhaps it doesn’t sound like much but it’s not something we’d done before and I was rather scared about it ahead of time. I think it went well and I’d be much less nervous about doing it again in the future. I had fun and I hope my guests did too.

2. Cooked a meal for four without getting stressed about it. An unexpected first for me. I am perfectly capable of getting stressed just cooking for my partner yet there I was calmly knocking out the chicken chow mein like I did it every day. It didn’t go exactly as I wanted (not enough spice on the chicken, among other things) but I was not at all bothered.

3. Went to the supermarket and parked at peak time. Despite having been driving for almost two years I have very little experience parking near other cars as I’m always one of the first to arrive in the work car park and I don’t really drive anywhere else very often, so this was a big deal for me. I still parked miles away from the doors but the point is that I’ve broken the belief that I can’t drive to the supermarket on Friday night or on Saturday.

I realise they don’t sound that thrilling but they are to me because in each one I managed something that I’d feared was beyond me. Who knows what I can do next! Anything is possible!


One thought on “Personal goals and challenges

  1. libroediting says:

    Well done – I think all of those are great achievements! Being able to drive at all is pretty major to me!

    As I come to the end of a very busy week with my business, can I just celebrate the fact that I’ve managed to set it up and run it successfully for over a year so far?

    Hooray for us!

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