5 reasons why being married will be different from living together

This is a quick list that deliberately excludes “soppy stuff”, which after all goes without saying. 

  1. I will “go on” the mortgage and own part of the house. If I feel an impulse towards DIY I will act on it as the mood takes me!
  2. I will feel permitted to make medium to long-term plans for our shared future knowing that we both believe there will be a future to plan for.
  3. Our finances will be a shared resource/drain. We’ll open lots of different accounts for different things and it’ll encourage me to move away from my current bank that so rarely lives up to my modest expectations.
  4. I will no longer be able to honestly tell cold callers I am not the owner of the house and/or that I am not the wife of the person they’re calling to harass.
  5. When we go to the vets it will be easier because I will have the same surname as the cats.


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