In praise of my husband to be

I’m publishing this exactly 6 months before our wedding day (our -0.5 anniversary, if you will) to say a few things about the benefits my future husband has already brought to my life.

  • He encouraged me to take my job when I was torn between it and another job offer made on the same day. He knew which job would make me happier even though I felt I ought to take the other one as it appeared to have more opportunities for the big career. He helped me to make the right choice and I could not conceive of any job that would suit me better.


  • I only drive because I moved in with him. Before that time I always lived close enough to good public transport to feel I could manage without a car. I would never have prioritised it enough to give it the money and time needed to pass the test. On top of that, I might well have given up without ever taking a test without his encouragement and belief that I could do it. Now I love having a car and being able to drive anywhere (even if I can’t park when I get there!)


  • He has helped me to see beyond my own assumptions and weaknesses. He is very good at assessing people and seeing a nice person for what they are, even if they do not think or behave the same way that he does. I think this is something he helps me with as, like a lot of people, I am naturally slow to trust someone different from myself.


  • He has learnt the basic law of living with me:  Things will get ugly unless I am fed regularly!

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