On how my job affects my blog

At the moment work is pretty busy, due to a serious staff shortage, so I seem to be putting more energy into my working life than I have done at other times. Unfortunately that means less energy to blog with.

But I should still be able to post at the weekend, shouldn’t I? Apparently not. It seems that going to work provides the mental stimulation I need to feed into a blog post. So while I have plenty of time and energy to blog at the weekend, I just don’t have the ideas to build the post with.

 I need the irritation of spending 36 hours per week in a room with some personalities I wouldn’t necessarily chose to spend much time with. I need to hear people talking about things I wouldn’t otherwise think about, such as vouchers, water meters, diets or Google. I need the intellectual stimulation of dealing with academic material in a variety of subjects and I need to vent with my colleagues over the events of the day.

 Perhaps this means that the cure for writers’ block is to get a job in an office? We often joke that if our everyday office life was written up as a farce no one would believe it – it would certainly provide a lot of material if that was the kind of thing you wanted to write.

 It also shows me that I’m getting more out of my working life than I might have thought; that even when my colleagues irritate me they are in fact enriching my life and providing me with experiences I might otherwise miss out on. I’d already decided that if money suddenly fell from the sky to me and I never needed to work again I would still keep my job part-time so that I would have some stability and continuity and because I like what I do, but now I see that I need the interactions of the workplace to keep me thinking. A non-taxable benefit – how refreshing!

Image: Michelle Meiklejohn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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