Turning 30

I’ve seen loads of lists of things to do before you’re 30 but most of them seem a bit ridiculous to me so I thought I’d write my own list of things I have done in my 30 years. Obviously I won’t include all of the things I’ve done with 30 years – that would be boring and would probably take me up until I’m 40 to type out. So I’ll pick out things I like from other people’s lists, things that I’m proud of, and things that have shaped me as a person. In no particular order…

1. Learnt to play an instrument (or 7)
2. Done a half-marathon on a rowing machine
3. Got a degree
4. Had a quarter-life crisis
5. Had a pet (or 2)
6. Started a novel
7. Started horse riding
8. Grown my own veg.
9. Booked a holiday on my own (it doesn’t fall until after my birthday but I’m still counting it)
10. Lived alone
11. Lived with a partner
12. Been out of Europe
13. Got a driving licence
14. Bought a car
15. Got a job that suits me
16. Swam with dolphins
17. Ridden a camel
18. Stayed up all night
19. Seen a total eclipse
20. Gone scuba diving (I may have hated it, but I like saying that I’ve done it!)
21. Ridden a camel
22. Held a baby goat
23. Performed in the Royal Albert Hall … [et al.]
24. performed as a soloist (in somewhat smaller venues!)
25. Seen the Pyramids
26. Done backflips and somersaults
27. Formulated opinions on art (I don’t really care for it), literature (I like some of it) and music (it all went downhill after 1750)
28. Gained some confidence (not sure how or from where…)
29. Spent many hours standing on swiss balls (aka gym balls)
and finally,
30. Got married!

What would be in your list?


3 thoughts on “Turning 30

  1. Liz at Libro says:

    Erm, you seem to have ridden a camel twice. Which is fine, obviously!

    My highlights (do I have to do a 40 one in a few months?)

    1. Lived on my own
    2. Managed to live with a partner for 8 years
    3. Bought a flat on my own and a house with someone
    4. Gone horse-riding again after 27 years (thanks, Jennifer!)
    5. Ran 3 half-marathons
    6. Embraced my inner gym-bunny
    7. Started my own business
    8. Ridden a camel (I hated that one!)
    9. Learnt to identify birds
    10. Travelled on my own

    Nice, positive post – thank you for sharing!

  2. Heather says:

    Like this post! I was going to point out the camel bit too, but the proofreader got there before me 😛

    I think that’s a good list to be proud of. And performed in the Albert Hall, awesome.

  3. Liz at Libro says:

    I’ve performed in the Royal Festival Hall, actually! Aren’t we accomplished! I haven’t got married in a cathedral or a castle, though (yet!!)

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