Why my 30s are going to be great

A few months ago an acquaintance, a father in his mid/late 30s, was sighing over his age and reflecting that the best part of his life was behind him. When he was younger he believed that he could do anything, be anything, but now he feels his potential is gone and his dreams are restricted by his age. This could not be further from the way I feel.

Until the last few years I have lived my life believing I could not do much, could not achieve much. Now the world is opening up to me. I want riding lessons? I’ve got them and I’m riding. I want to buy something big? I can save and buy it. I want to go somewhere? I can drive there or buy a plane ticket. There’s plenty of stuff I don’t want to do, but I do pretty much believe I can do or get anything I want. I guess this is helped by not wanting the moon, but I believe that most people can achieve most things most of the time.

If you want to prioritise a goal, I think you can usually make it happen, although you need to beware of the cost. All things have a cost, be it money, time, emotion, stress or all of the above. The bigger the thing you’re trying to do, the higher the cost you’ll have to pay. And some costs will be too high. There’s only so much energy you can put into something without compromising your health and happiness; only so much money you can put in without compromising your home and necessities like food and warmth.

Costs aside, I feel that for the first time in my life I could do anything I set my mind to. I don’t particularly want to run a marathon, learn Chinese or relocate, but I know if I made the decision and put the effort in I could do any of those things. Maybe I couldn’t be an olympic athlete or an astronaut, but that’s no hardship because I never wanted anything like that – the costs of those goals would always have been too high for me.

So I’m living my dreams at the moment; riding and writing, walking and working, living and laughing. Maybe my dreams are small potatoes to others, but they’re big enough for me. And if tomorrow I dream a bigger dream? Well I think I can make that work too.

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One thought on “Why my 30s are going to be great

  1. Distant Relative says:

    Amazing. Brilliant. Thoughtful. Heartwarmingly Reassuring.
    So inspiring that I’ve now embarked on a seriously awe-inspiring major project.

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