On someone who set the bar a little higher


Yesterday one of my colleagues left our workplace. In fact I think he left the country (if he hasn’t yet he will soon). I was not especially close to this person and probably only had a few proper conversations with him and yet I was able to write him the nicest “sorry you’re leaving, all the best” e-mail I’ve ever written anyone.

I think this was because I knew he would appreciate every kind sentiment that I put down. I knew he wouldn’t find anything sickly about it and would understand the wishes I wanted to communicate. How did I know this would be the way he’d receive it? Because of the lovely e-mail he sent me before I got married, which was among the nicest and most open written wishes we received. By that example he had set the bar for me on how to write something that conveyed personal respect and caring emotion (without being creepy!) and the benefit of that example was returned to him. What goes around does indeed come around. I hope that I can keep what I’ve learned from him and maybe one day pass it on to someone else as he passed it on to me.

Image: Simon Howden / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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