New Year’s resolutions


This might seem a strange time of year for a post on New Year’s resolutions but sometimes I like to defy convention and fly in the face of the obvious.

I just completed a survey in which I was asked if I felt I’d achieved my New Year’s resolutions  for 2011.  Although I have to admit I can’t actually remember what resolutions I made, I answered firmly in the affirmative, marking the box “I have achieved all of my goals.” Whether this is actually true I cannot be sure, but it felt a lot more accurate than the next option “I have achieved some of my goals.” Had there been an option of “I’m pretty sure I almost certainly achieved my goals, unless I’ve forgotten more than I think,” then perhaps that would have been the one for me, but survey-designers tend to avoid vague language almost as much as those of us who hate the possibility that we might be incorrect embrace it.

So it looks like I’ve done well this year. Admittedly some of my goals, notably “Get married” would have been quite dramatic to have failed to achieve in this particular year, but it’s still quite exciting to have met the goals. [I believe Mr Sparrowgrass is also rather pleased that we both achieved that goal as planned. I was a little late, which may be held against me for all time, but I believe I made rather an impact walking down the aisle which went some way towards earning me forgiveness.]

So what other goals do I think I probably had? Well all the stuff that I’ve gone on about here a lot recently like happiness, relaxation and generally keeping stuff ticking over nicely with minimal stress. So we can tick all that off. While on the subject of things I go on about we may as well cover taking up horse riding, which I have definitely achieved.

I wonder what else I had on my list? I doubt there was much else because I don’t like to be too ambitious with my resolutions and the marriage one encapsulated a whole lot of subsidiary themes anyway (including have perfect nails on the day which I “nailed,” if I do say so myself).

I can’t rule out there being things I forgot to do, but perhaps a possible key to happiness would be to do the things you can achieve and literally forget any goals you didn’t manage!

Obviously there’s still plenty of room for resolutions for 2012. Fortunately I don’t think I’ve qualified for the Olympics so that’ll help keep them achievable and realistic. I think  I’ll probably just stick to progressing on the happy/relaxed/riding/work-life-balance planes and hope that at this time next year I feel as good about them as I do about the resolutions for 2011.

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One thought on “New Year’s resolutions

  1. Liz at Libro says:

    I think you’ve achieved loads this year and should be really proud of yourself.

    And I’ve achieved my one goal myself *grin*

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