On career changes

Recently two of my friends have left jobs they’d been in for over 5 years and began new careers. One of these people made it a gradual change, the other a relatively sudden one. For both of them it was time to move on and I know they’ve made the right decision to get out of the rut and move on to something new. I’m delighted for them both, but something confused me and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what. Well I’ve sorted it out now – I was confused because I wanted them to go out and do new things while wanting to stay put myself. That didn’t feel right somehow – I’ve always assumed if I’m recommending something for someone else it’s probably because it’s good for everyone, including me. But in this case, it’s not right for me to have a career change, though it was right for them. I’m happy with my job, they weren’t. It’s OK for me not to want what they want.

I had the same feeling when everyone around me was buying Kindles. I didn’t want one but felt like I should because all my friends did.

Perhaps the moral of this post is that changing career is just like buying a Kindle; perhaps it’s that I like to follow my herd; perhaps it’s that I’ve developed enough emotional intelligence to understand what my friends need, what I need and that sometimes they may not be the same. Or perhaps all three are true – take the moral you need, not the one that’s right for me!

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One thought on “On career changes

  1. Liz at Libro says:

    How interesting! Is some of it being a bit sad about changes happening, too? I do miss my colleagues even though I’m really, REALLY enjoying only having one job now, so there’s often sadness mixed in with change …

    Nothing’s right for everyone, otherwise we’d all be doing the same thing. Also, the same things aren’t right for you all the time. Five years ago I just wanted to have a job and have a few interesting outside interests. If you’d told me I was going to not have a “job” any more by now, and have a freelance career, I’d have thought you’d got the wrong person.

    Interesting stuff, as always!

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