On hunting for a horse without Cilla Black

Many of my readers already know this, but for those who don’t, here is an official announcement: I’m actively looking for a horse to buy!

On Monday, for the first time, I went to view a horse for sale. As a result I’ve come to the conclusion that horse-hunting is almost exactly the same as going on blind dates. ID-10097384
Isn’t this the script for both?

Someone you know comes up to you: I know a lad who is perfect for you! Here’s a picture, isn’t he a nice boy?

You (nervously): Yes he looks very nice.

Them: Shall I arrange a meeting? I think he’s just right for you and you’d do really well together. He’ll be just what you want.  He’s such a gentleman. He’s perfect for you.

You: Yes please.

[The day of the meeting, you see him across the room]

You (thinking): Wow, he looks gorgeous, look at him! And the way he moves, he’s out of my league. I hope he likes me. We could have a great future together if he does…

And then you ride him and find out you’re totally incompatible.

Obviously in the blind dating, human-on-human scenario I would hope there is a little getting to know each other before you ride him, but basically there’s no difference. People get your hopes up, in your head you think about a life together, and then you’re dashed to the ground when you realise that even if they want you, you really aren’t interested in them.

He was gorgeous though…

Plenty more fish in the sea, they tell me. So watch this space for more updates on horse-hunting.

Image courtesy of Simon Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


2 thoughts on “On hunting for a horse without Cilla Black

  1. onahorse says:

    Exciting, nonetheless! I wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect mount 🙂

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