The century



Welcome to my 100th blog post.

Pull up a chair, grab a beverage and snack of your choice, and gather round me, readers, for you are the reason I’ve made it to 100 posts instead of abandoning this blog.

I have blogged at unpredictable intervals, giving you no idea what to expect for me in time, length of post or subject matter, but you have continued to read and comment, both on the comments form and, those of you who I know in “real life”, in person. Some of your comments have been so kind and helpful, some have made me laugh and some have made me look again at myself and my subject matter. I started this blog for myself, with my habitual introvert’s attitude that no one would read it, but I continue it for all of us.

In the years since I started this blog I have become better at social interactions, both actual and virtual. Connecting with people (on timescales shorter than a year) was not natural to me and my small-talk is still somewhat awkward, but I’m getting there. The 12-19 year-olds who I share a livery block with are my victims as I practice my stuttering social skills and in some cases, they are a mirror to me. They’re not sure who they are yet, most of them and they wear their hearts on their sleeves. One girl is perfect at putting everyone at ease, always helpful and happy to answer questions; one is constantly silly; another is unquestionably spoilt yet easy to get along with.* Another reminds me most of myself. She is socially ill at ease and sometimes makes others uncomfortable, yet she of all of them is making the most effort with me – a greater effort because it doesn’t come naturally to her. She is my closest mirror, yet with all of them their thoughts and emotions flash across their faces in a way I have reason to believe I also share. I don’t understand my feelings and emotions, yet one who watches my face can tell me what I feel, though I don’t know it myself – is it the same for these teenagers? I have stated before that I have only in the last few years started growing up – am I on a social and emotional level with these girls over a decade younger than myself? It seems likely to me that I am.

This blog is the story of many things, but one of the main plotlines is my attempting to reach adulthood. When I commenced this blog I was attempting to do so in a vacuum, but now I see that we are herd animals and social awareness and skill have a great deal more value that I have placed on them in the past. I need both role models and peers to learn to be a more integrated member of the herd. The teens are, unknowingly, helping me with that on the livery yard and you, my readers and fellow bloggers, have been helping me in the virtual herd that is the internet.

Perhaps, when you pulled up a chair in the first paragraph, you thought this bedtime story might be less intense, but over-intensity is still one of my personality traits. I’m working on the small talk, you see, but it doesn’t happen overnight. Some-when I might learn to balance, but I haven’t got there just yet. Perhaps by my two hundredth-post? Maybe we’ll get there together.


*She reminds me of Jane Austen’s description of the Bertram sisters (Mansfield Park): “Their vanity was in such good order that they seemed to be quite free from it, and gave themselves no airs.”


10 thoughts on “The century

  1. Liz at Libro says:

    What a lovely post and a joy to read as always. I’m proud of you, you should be proud of yourself, and I am proud that I’ve spent at least some of your “journey” alongside you, physically and then more virtually. Congratulations on your 100th blog post, too!

  2. But that’s interesting! Intensity is better than bland, no? πŸ™‚ congratulations on your first century…

    • Sparrowgrass says:

      πŸ™‚ Glad you like intensity. My manager often asks me to be less intense, which colours the word negatively for me, but then I suspect she may be using it to mean “please stop being so intense in meetings that you get slightly scary” which is slightly different from blogging intensely!

  3. thecasualphilosopher says:

    Being a fellow introvert, yet out of my shell a bit, finally, at this age (eek!), I loved your post. I like intensity. And not knowing what to expect! Congrats on making it to 100, and may there be many more hundreds.

  4. thecasualphilosopher says:

    And now for the notification: stop by my page and pick up your award! I enjoy your entries, and wanted to nominate you. The instructions are there on the latest entry. It looks like you already know how to do it, having received an award before!

    • Sparrowgrass says:

      Thank you very much indeed. Such a lovely award and well fitted to the subject of this post! I do feel like part of the WordPress family. I won’t have a chance to officially accept it and re-nominate for a few days (possibly longer) due to other commitments, but please don’t think I don’t appreciate it, because I really do!

  5. mellchan says:

    Haha, oh goodness. This post made me look at myself in a new light. I too feel that perhaps my social interactions are rather stunted….at least in some aspects.

    Good job on reaching 100…now quickly write your next post please. We are all awaiting 101.

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