In which Drifter meets the physio

Hello, I’m Drifter. I wondered if maybe you have some food for me? Any hay? A little treat? Not even a flavoured lick? Ah well, I’ll settle for having a look at you and then, if you don’t look scary, I’ll come in closer for a sniff.


I think my main human has been telling you about which way I don’t like to canter, but she didn’t tell you it was because this hind quarter’s been sore. I don’t really feel comfortable letting anyone know when I’m hurting (it’s a horse thing) but the massage lady who came to see me today seemed to know as soon as she touched me and told my main human, so I think my secret’s out now.

First she wanted to see me walk and then trot ‘in hand’. I don’t really believe in trotting in hand because humans look stupid when they trot beside me, so I get distracted and would rather walk so I can watch their silly trot, but eventually I did what they asked of me because I’m kind like that. The massage lady declared me sound, which I found a little insulting, because it suggested the possibility that I might be lame.

We went back to the stable and she bought a Thing in with her. It was big and squarish and I wasn’t sure how I felt about a Thing being in my stable but when I sniffed it it smelled of all sorts of horse smells and human smells and it was quite interesting. She put the thing alongside me and stood on it so I realised it was just a new kind of mounting block, but instead of getting on she just stood there and squidged my back about and especially my sore bits. Some bits were nice and some bits I didn’t like too much, but I was very polite and only tried to step away a bit when it was uncomfortable. As well as that sore quarter she worked a lot on the opposite wither because that’s got very tense from me trying to use the hind less and she said I was tense at the poll. I didn’t really like her working on my neck but I felt very relaxed when she’d finished. I couldn’t stop yawning, which felt a bit undignified.

She told my human it would be good for me to do more pole work to keep my back-end moving freely, which is good because I like poles. She also said lots of transitions which I found less appealing. I get frustrated when we keep changing pace and don’t get to settle into one thing. Maybe if my rider was better at transitions … but that’s not a kind thing to say.

She’ll be coming back to see me again in a week or two to see how I’m going. Today I’m going to rest and eat grass and make the most of this relaxed feeling, but if you want to drop by you might not recognise me because I’m wearing my fly outfit. All the kids are wearing it these days you know. I look like this.* See you later, D. image


*I do apologise for my human having taken the picture while I was stretching out to attend a call of nature. I was not posing. She can tell when I’m posing because my nose is in the camera, smelling it. While I am now relaxed enough around her to attend to these little matters in front of her, I would prefer she respected my privacy enough not to document my toilet position! Also, if she’d have taken me straight out to my field instead of taking photos in the stable I’d have been able to pee on the grass, not on the shavings. She says shavings are expensive. I don’t really get what that means, but she sighs when I get through lots.


3 thoughts on “In which Drifter meets the physio

  1. The Dancing Rider says:

    Oh this brought such a smile to my face, SG! He’s a bit of a twit with some of his comments about you! But all in all, very sweet. Photo in sheet is priceless.

    • Sparrowgrass says:

      Glad you enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure how well it would come across written from his point of view, so your positive comment was especially nice 🙂

  2. onahorse says:

    Get better soon, Drifter!

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