Brief update on the eye issues

2 steps forward, 1 step back…

Drifter’s eye seems to have regressed, for no apparent reason. He saw the vet again yesterday, and now is on a 3rd type of eye drops, this one to be given 3 times daily.

A swab has been sent to the lab.

He is getting extremely adept at evading the drops and had to be twitched for last night’s dose, but still managed to continue shaking his head, albeit with less vigour than before he was twitched. If it’s as difficult tonight I’m going to have to give up doing the evening doses myself, because it’s turned into a 2-(wo)man job and I am only 1.

Which means another thing to pay for 😦

Also when I’m doing a dose myself I know it’s done, rather than just trusting that it was. The staff are very trustworthy and these jobs are only done by the more experienced staff, but I prefer to do things like this myself where I can, because at the end of the day my horse is my responsibility. But sometimes it’s time to accept you can’t do everything yourself. I think that time might be now.


One thought on “Brief update on the eye issues

  1. mellchan says:

    Oh no, thats unfortunate!

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