Autumn changes

I don’t like change.

The latest change is that my livery yard will no longer be a riding school.

If anything the conditions for livery owners will improve because there won’t be days we can’t get a school to ride in because of lessons, and there won’t be lesson kids getting in the way. There’ll still be instructors if we want lessons, but no school horses.

But that was the school I learned to ride in. And even as a livery owner, while the lesson days were inconvenient, I liked the hustle and bustle of 6 horses being tacked up for 11.00 on a Saturday. I liked watching random people’s lessons while I cleaned my tack on a sunny day. That was the atmosphere I learned to groom and tack up in – getting the lesson horses and ponies ready for the lessons. From the end of November that will all stop. I was proud to learn to ride there, and to be a part of a good riding school. The staff were proud and, some days, even the littlest ponies were proud.

But you can’t run a business on pride. Not these days. And the lessons weren’t paying.

So at least one of my friends will be losing her job. A friend who helped me when I was struggling to work out what the hell was wrong with a twisted martingale, and when a horse stuck his head in the air so I couldn’t get a bridle on. A friend who talked to me from the outset even though I’m not great company with strangers. A friend who felt like a fixture of the yard.

So maybe the change will be better for the liveries. It might be better for the school horses who are being sold, and better for the people who buy them at discount rates. But it won’t be better for her. So it doesn’t feel good to me.


7 thoughts on “Autumn changes

  1. I am ambivalent about change, but it is rubbish if it affects someone’s livelihood. I am sorry for your friend ):

  2. The Dancing Rider says:

    That’s pants. I feel bad for all involved. 😦 There are changes, then there are these sorts of changes – the type no one likes. Hugs. 😦

  3. Sparrowgrass says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments.

  4. Jon says:

    Indeed, that’s hard 😦 Hope your friend finds somewhere else soon.

  5. Liz at Libro says:

    That’s a hard and harsh change and I was so sorry to read about it – for you and particularly for your friend of course. Hope you can stay in touch. I’m glad you can still have lessons. Hugs from here, too. Long arms that can reach 3 miles …

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