Waiting for the physio

Drifter and I have been taking it easy. I’ve recovered from the fall now but his need for some physio is quite noticeable, so I’ve been keeping his exercise light. I don’t really know how to ride him when he’s like this; he needs to move to stop him getting even stiffer but I don’t want to push him when he’s not moving comfortably. If we had off-road hacking I’d take him out, daylight permitting, but while he won’t steer reliably roads are not an option. l can’t lunge him because circles make him even more uncomfortable, so we’re stuck pottering round the school, waiting for the day when she’ll fix him and we can start work again. We are managing still to have a little canter on each rein each session and I’m pleased to say that although he’s really unbalanced and l don’t have much in the way of steering, he’s getting the canter leads correct.


l won’t be doing the jump class tomorrow, but l am hoping to go and watch. I felt like everybody would think I ought to do it; like it was wrong to miss the class after l fell off. But over the week l realised that nobody else rides my horse, so nobody else gets to make the call as to whether he’s fit to jump or not. Nobody else pays for my lessons (except Mr S of course) so nobody else gets to decide that I have to have a lesson. I doubt that the lesson would do him any physical harm, but we’re supposed to be doing it for our mutual pleasure, and jumping him when he’s unbalanced and uncomfortable is not our idea of fun, nor is it good for our relationship.

The physio should see him on Monday, so allowing several days of light duties afterwards l am hopeful that we’ll be back in the jump group next week.

Unfortunately on Sunday we’re booked in for a biomechanics session. We’re paid the deposit so I’ll go ahead with that but insist we take it easy. It’s a shame because I’d been really looking forward to showing Russell how much we’ve improved. I’m hopeful that we’ll still be able to get something useful out of it.

4 thoughts on “Waiting for the physio

  1. The Dancing Rider says:

    I think you are wise to wait for the physio first. Great that he’s getting the canter leads correctly! Lovely photos. 🙂

  2. Going slow is what I have learned is the best way to come back from a fall…although it is very hard for me to be patient!!

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