“I’m wonderful if you help me”


I read this phrase in an e-mail from a non-native English speaker to an international professional e-mail list to which I subscribe. It was clear in places that the writer of the e-mail was struggling to get her English to mean what she wanted it to and I have every respect for her efforts. I suspect this is a phrase that didn’t come across with quite the meaning she intended, but what a wonderful phrase she has created!

“I’m wonderful if you help me”

It has so much hopeful potential. It has much more confidence than the similar but unsure of itself variant, “If you help me I’m wonderful,” which shyly hopes for help but seems to expect disappointment. This phrase states the goal up front and follows through with an explanation of how to get there.

“I’m wonderful if you help me”

And how true it is. Is there anyone who can say they have achieved wonderfulness without any help at all? If there is, I suspect they may be lying or forgetful. In any area in which I can be thought to be wonderful I have got there because I had help. As a fiercely independent type sometimes accused of not suffering fools gladly, I sometimes need to be reminded that everyone, including me, needs help to be wonderful. We can’t get there alone, but I’m wonderful if you help me.

4 thoughts on ““I’m wonderful if you help me”

  1. Wouldn’t that be a brilliant strapline for any kind of coach, “I can help you to be Wonderful”. (If only we weren’t so cyncial or self-critical.) Oh to achieve wonderfulness of any kind!

  2. Meg says:

    I wonder if this is something horses might be trying to communicate to us at the times we find them most frustrating?

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