Normal feels good

I don’t feel that I have that much to write, but 10 words that say what I mean work to better effect than pages of blargle blargle gloink, so perhaps that is to the good.

Mostly I feel that we have achieved a new normal.

In the new normal the expectation is that D will work properly as a default. But as you might expect for anyone suddenly working harder than they used to, some days this is easier for him and sometimes harder. As a consequence we have a wider range of behaviors under saddle which go from total mental and physical cooperation all the way to stubborn refusal to go nicely. I’m not yet used to the range, but the good rides are fantastic and the defiances well within my capacity to manage and it all feels like progress and a part of the learning process.

I’ve not 100% adjusted my balance to the new saddle yet. For some time my worst position issue has been that I easily get tipped forward in my body position. With the new saddle our balance is subtly different from what my muscles are used to, so it’s even harder for me to keep my place if he suddenly leans on my hands or if we have an unbalanced transition down from canter.

All in all we have wonderful moments of horse and rider harmony, and moments when we look like we’re only just met each other and are not on the same page at all, but I have faith that these moments of harmony will increase and that one day harmony will be our new normal.

For now though, I’m happy to enjoy those moments we have and work on the rest as we go along.


2 thoughts on “Normal feels good

  1. The Dancing Rider says:

    Do enjoy them. That’s what it’s all about.

    While I do not have a new saddle (lucky you), I felt in some portions I was reading about myself and my riding — I understood exactly what you were expressing.

    It sounds as though you are making good progress in building a relationship with D. 🙂

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