Fantasy horses

I was reading HeartofHope10’s Horse owning bucket list and it got me thinking about what horses I would want assuming space, time and money were no object.

It didn’t take me too long to think, really.

Obviously I’d still have Drifter, but what else?




And then some more shires.


Even broodmares and baby shires!

Feather and bone and bulk and muscle and plate sized hooves and horse.

In my childhood the horses in my life were the shires at the local children’s farm, and since then in my heart shires are what “horse” ought to mean. My brain knows a horse that big, bred to pull, is not the horse that would best fit in with my life, but in the fantasy world where practicality is no object, let’s have a whole herd of shires!

Ideally one of them would be a dressage schoolmaster*, but most would just be pets, living out and being horses.

At least one should be a bomb-proof beginner-proof hack that Mr S can get on and potter round on without really needing to learn to ride properly. And maybe a pair for driving would be fun. In fantasy land there are no other road users to worry about, so I can learn to drive my shires without worry.

So when I stepped out of fantasy land, and considered the horse who is a part of my life, was it really surprising that I already own a black cob with feathers, a chunky build, a white blaze and a white sock? Well, kind of. I bought him because he was the first horse I saw in my price range that I thought I could ride, learn to jump on and my advisors thought was a good choice. How very lucky that he’s the practical equivalent of my fantasy horses. My fantasy would have him be bigger, but in day to day terms he’s just the right size for me to groom, tack up, push around the stables, and ride. How on earth would I get on if I wanted to bareback on an 18 hand horse? I love that I don’t have to stand on anything to plait his mane. Somehow I’ve ended up with the practical sized version of the horse of my dreams, and fantasy land aside, what could possibly be better than that?




Shires images from

*This is fantasy land, of course, but there are heavy horses who manage dressage at impressive levels. I read an article in a horse magazine at some point last year about one that piaffes, etc., although I can’t find the article now.


10 thoughts on “Fantasy horses

  1. The Dancing Rider says:

    Shire are beautiful animals. I like the Gypsies, too. Similar. I would like an OTTB, or a tall Arabian (oxymoron, that). I won’t ever have a horse though, so I am very envious of those who do. I think you are very fortunate to own a horse you fit, you look good on, and with whom you are developing such a nice partnership!

  2. Love that: a practical fantasy (and great pics of both) 🙂

  3. theInelegantHorseRider says:

    I love shires! I rode one last year and he was amazing, total gent. They would be on my fantasy list alongside a clydesdale and a whole herd of Highland ponies, oh and after a riding experience lately I think a quarter horse would be cool – I could start barrel racing 🙂

    • Sparrowgrass says:

      Hope I get a chance to ride one one day, but I’m not sure about barrel racing -it looks a bit intimidating for me!

      • theInelegantHorseRider says:

        Can’t recommend cumbrian heavy horses enough, if you are ever in the area give them a go – awesome. I reckon with all the jumping and dressage you are doing barrel racing is the next step 🙂

      • Sparrowgrass says:

        Yes I certainly would like to go there some day.

  4. Yes! I love Shires, too. I hope to complete the beach gallop with Cumbrian Heavy Horses someday, when I’m a bit more confident about going really fast!

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