New pony ear hat, Old pony ear hat

My next attempt at a home-made crocheted fly bonnet is finished!



Based on the pattern I bought from Etsy, I had to work out how to make all of the head dimensions quite a lot bigger while barely increasing the ears. During this process I realised that he actually has a really big forehead. Looking around the yard I found that most horse foreheads seem to be flat, while his bulges out more like a human forehead. I’ve tried to find a picture that shows it, but it doesn’t show well in pictures. Maybe you can see it a bit in this one.


Anyway, it makes his head rather hard to fit ear-cozies to.

One of his two shop-bought ear bonnets, the bright red one, does actually fit his large head well. The other one was always a bit small, although as it was particularly soft it was just about OK to use when I didn’t have much choice.

However, this is now what the red ones look like:


It was a lucky escape for his head, but the bonnet took one for the team.

We were walking to the schools with him clipped to a lunge line. Although he didn’t have much line, it did give him more freedom than when I’m leading him from reins. He took advantage of it by suddenly sticking his head down to grab a mouthful from a long patch of grass growing to the side of the path, tucked behind the corner of the building. I tugged to remind him that was not what he was supposed to be doing. He moved forward but not paying attention; as he lifted his head from the ground, still moving forward, he caught it on the corner of the building where a piece of corrugated iron was sticking out.

I calmed him down and had a look and I thought at first that he might have cut himself, but no, it was just that the shreds of red cotton were masquerading as blood. The hat and his ample forelock had protected his head completely.

Before I knew my husband I didn’t believe in lucky people, but he has made me more open to the idea and now I wonder if I might have a lucky horse. You hear so much about horses who get a fresh injury only days after they recovered from the last. This was one of those moments where an unlucky horse would have laid himself open to the scalp, or maybe even damaged an eye, necessitating much worry and vet treatment, but we got away with just a shredded bit of fabric.

On the other hand, it might not be that I have a lucky horse, but very bad luck with fly-ears!

Here he is modelling the new pair, that I finished less than 24 hours before he killed the red ones. It occurs to me that perhaps we are not fated to have more than 1 pair that fits him at any one time. However, I will be working on a white pair in this pattern, and see if we can manage to break that trend.



2 thoughts on “New pony ear hat, Old pony ear hat

  1. The Dancing Rider says:

    Kudos on completion! Lucky, he is then. 🙂 Great job on making these yourself. He looks quite dapper.

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