I’m back

Apologies for my absence, and consequent failure to answer comments etc. This has been due to spending 10 days in beautiful Croatia, so I must admit I’m not entirely repentant. For security reasons I don’t state my movements on the internet ahead of time. Not because I fear political assassination, just to avoid declaring that my house will be empty.

Obviously I’ll post some pictures and words on the holiday at some point, but in the meantime here’s a thought, although it may be considered to lower the tone…

A fitness instructor once described performing a squat as being the same position as hovering over a dirty toilet seat. Although the toilets on this holiday have generally been of a very high standard I have had cause to reflect on a variant of the squat:

If during the execution of a squat one pushes one’s hands forward, for example to hold shut a toilet door with no lock, that seems to me a pretty good approximation of jump position.

I wonder if any riding instructors use that analogy?


N.B. The public toilets in Croatia were almost all cleaner and more pleasant than English public toilets, as I was reminded on my first visit to the airport toilets when we landed back in the UK.


6 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Looking forward to seeing your holiday pics, as I’ve never been to Croatia but believe it’s a beautiful destination. Not wishing to raise the tone, ahem, I had lessons with a tutor who was very into the, “imagine you’re ….” analogy system. When it came to feeling as though your core was adhering to the saddle like a plunger, I found that one step too gross. I have a dressage judge friend who refers to this style of riding as “saddle f******”!!! (Please feel free to un-publish this comment if it offends) Although it isn’t the prettiest terminology, if you watch enough dressage you can see what she means.

    I live in rural France. Don’t even get me started on public toilets. There are still some hole-in-the ground ones on motorway stops. Goodness knows what analogy one can make of those. Probably the perfect riding position 😉

    Hope you, Mr. S and D are well rested 🙂

  2. Liz at Libro says:

    Ah – lovely Croatia! We went to Hvar and somewhere in Makarska in 2002 – one of the best holidays we’ve had. Until we went to Iceland, of course. Look forward to hearing about it! Oh, and I do the same, but I set blog posts to auto-post while I’m away, to complete the deception!

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