Update on Drifter

I have actually no time to write this post, yet here I am… so please excuse if it’s not as well proof-read as you might hope.


Drifter has had a lot of rest

I sat with him in his field for a few sunny afternoons, trying to squash flies on his tummy and wondering which of us was strange as he sniffed and groomed my boots

and has seen the farrier.

Even now he’s just been seen his feet aren’t as good-looking as usual so I suspect this summer’s weather doesn’t suit his hooves. But they look a lot better.

I fetched him in yesterday from his field to ride, and see if he was feeling better, and the early signs were good.

He left his field eagerly. But that could be because they’ve eaten all the grass in that field.

The weather was a bit windy, which was not ideal, but at least it would keep the flies away.

It was pony-eating wind, apparently, but he settled OK. Unlike the “challenging” horse in the next school which was displaying “airs above the ground” to an extent that I’ve never seen in person before.

I took a very slow warmup, but after a time, walking seemed to be going pretty well, so I asked for a trot. Again I didn’t expect much or ask for much, but there was definite progress.

He felt much more like himself.

Over time I asked for a little more roundness and I got it. He went nicely on the bit with correct bend in both directions.

He did seem more on the forehand that usual, and not as straight but I didn’t expect a perfect ride.

We kept it really short and cooled down happily. Perhaps we’ll have a little canter today, if it feels right.DSCN5303


4 thoughts on “Update on Drifter

  1. Sorry to hear about the problems in your last post. A similar thing happens, very occasionally, with my Pom, but doesn’t seem to have any lasting effects (also to me, but that’s a different story đŸ™‚ ) Hope you’re both back on track soon!

  2. The Dancing Rider says:

    I believe I ‘liked” the previous entry. I’m sure you know what I meant.

    It is nice to see a rider so attentive to her mount. I do hope Drifter continues to improve each ride, and is back to normal. Was quite concerning to read about his event.

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