I’m doing lots of sighing.

After the ride I posted about when D was doing better, the next time I rode he was dreadful – worse than he had been so far. Trotting under saddle was not an option although he still looked fine when trotted in hand. The girl I was riding alongside, who rides the (very) dominant mare who goes out in the adjoining paddock said that the previous night in the field her mare had wound everyone up until every horse in sight was cantering like a lunatic including D, so we assume he set his recovery back then.

So more rest required. I’m going to have another tiny ride to assess him tonight but am assuming it will be so short as to not be worth changing into jodhpurs. As it is exceedingly hot today I intend to ride in a dress hiked up with shorts underneath. And paddock boots. Now there’s a feminine look 😉

Also, I have a cold. Well at least he and I are out of sorts at the same time.

And this month’s show is cancelled as well (lack of entries again plus staff holidays making it awkward). It was supposed to be this Sunday. Obviously D is in no shape to do any tests but I’d hoped to volunteer to scribe for the dressage judge. Also disappointing that I won’t get a chance to wear the stock tie & pin I got for my birthday. 😦

So horse-wise and health-wise things are somewhat “meh.”

I’m doing quite a bit of crochet though, and getting quite into it. I even have projects on the go that are not pony-hats! You may all be subjected to pictures of my projects at some point.


*Sorry, I lack inspiration and imagination for a better title.

2 thoughts on “Update*

  1. The Dancing Rider says:

    Please do share your crochet projects. I’ve done several garments – but very rarely for myself….usually gifts.

    “Argh” is all I can say about Drifter and riding. 😦 There WILL be an upcoming time for the stock tie and pin!

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