Blog makeover

After over 200 posts I thought it might be time for a new look. However, it’s not me that has to look at it, so I’m interested in what you think. Are there other changes you would like to see? (But do bear in mind I’m using the free design packages, nothing that costs money, so I am somewhat limited by that!)

I kept the links and widgets on the right-hand side to assist tablet or mobile using readers and have added some “share” buttons. In the past I felt it was arrogant assuming people might want to share my content, but since joining Pinterest with my crochet hat* on I realised some people might find it more convenient if I had them.

At some point I might look again at what exactly I have in my sidebar, but for now I’m off to do something else with my time, as a mixed load of wool I bought off eBay has just arrived and I’m eager to examine it. At first glance it looks much nicer than I was expecting from the seller’s photo, which is always a pleasant surprise.

Feel free to feed back if you have any opinions on the new look of the blog – otherwise I will be forced to take your silence as approval! 🙂


*Currently a metaphorical crochet hat but one day it will probably be literal.


13 thoughts on “Blog makeover

  1. theInelegantHorseRider says:

    It a nice theme, I thought about using this one actually. I like the pattern at the top and the colours are nice. Did you find that you spent far too long looking at themes before deciding? I kept getting distracted when I changed mine recently (nearly ended up with a Christmas themed one, maybe a bit early). Hope you and Drifter are feeling better.

    • Sparrowgrass says:

      Thank you. Yes I found the process very distracting and tried many different looks. It can be hard to imagine how your blog would look with a theme until you’ve previewed it, tweaked it, and then realise you hate the font or something 😉

  2. I think it’s very pretty, but I don’t have to look at it either as I get your entries emailed to me! Heh.

  3. Sparrowgrass says:

    Thank you. 😀 That’s just the thing – you don’t know how different people are viewing your blog, so you don’t know what will affect them.

  4. Elinor says:

    Looks great! I love it when you post pictures – love to see your side of the world!

  5. Pretty theme! Particularly like the strapline you’re now using. Hope you’re both on the road to recovery 🙂

  6. The Dancing Rider says:

    I do like it! I agree when one wants to change one’s WP theme, it is both distracting and quite time-consuming! Like these colors, the sidebar, and top design.

    Hope Drifter, and you, are doing well with rest.

  7. Very cute! I love the teal color!

  8. Liz at Libro says:

    I like it – well, I would like the colour – and I LOVE the new strapline! Good to have sharing buttons, too.

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