Quick update on D

Unfortunately when I last got on Drifter he didn’t seem any better.

That was the ride where I warned you I was getting on in a dress. The verdict for dress-wearing riding is that it was a) uncomfortable but b) educational. My stark white legs against my black horse and saddle were very visible in the mirror!

We began with meandering around on the buckle. I’d usually start on a long rein, but not that long. He seemed reasonably happy with that, so I reduced the reins to something more like I’d usually start the ride with and the difference was immediate. He was not happy walking on the ordinary length rein. I felt a lot of change in the back end, although I couldn’t tell which side was the problem. I understood that he wanted to go round with his nose in the sand to get as much weight off his back legs as possible, and as soon as I asked him to shorten slightly it impeded that. Still with very long reins I asked for a little counterflexion on a circle each way, to try to diagnose which back leg was the problem and on the right rein he just couldn’t do it. I got off.

Back on the yard I had a bit of a massage of his quarters and to be honest he seemed flinchy on both sides. But I think that his recent issues have begun in the left hind quarter. So he put more weight on the right hind quarter (that he always used to get sore in), with the result that now both sides are sore.

Clearly resting is not solving the problem, so I’m trying to get him an appointment with the physio. Unfortunately she’s a very busy lady. Please keep everything crossed for us and there’s a chance he might be seen this Friday.

2 thoughts on “Quick update on D

  1. The Dancing Rider says:

    Keeping it all crossed that Drifter might be seen by the physio in the next few days. 😦

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