Sparrowgrass on location

I’m at the conference in Oxford. Here’s the view from my hotel window:


That’s also the same building that the conference is being held in: the examination rooms. Convenient!

This morning we had a gap in our schedules and wandered to the Bodleian Library where we saw an exhibition of 1st World War documents and then visited the shop and l bought a few postcards.


Last week I realised that I wanted to bring my tablet to the conference to make notes on, but then I wondered what bag to carry it in. Could I crochet one in time? What would I make it from? -It couldn’t be anything too stretchy or it wouldn’t be safe for my tablet. I settled on using string as being robust, cheap and non-stretchy. Being quite thick it would work up fast. But could I do it in time? Err… no.

But I didn’t let that stop me! I managed to do enough to have a basic bag and shoulder strap before l left home. I was travelling by train and stood on the platform with the strap around my neck, the ball of string in the bag, adding rows to the bag even as I wore it! By the time we arrived in Oxford the bag was finished enough to use at the conference the next day. I still wanted to add thickness (extra rows) to the strap, and worked an extra row on Monday night and was happier with it today (Tuesday). I may yet add more to the strap – l haven’t decided. Here it is in its current form.

The string gives the fabric enough weight that the flap hangs shut without needing a fastening. I would have liked a slightly longer flap but that ball of string ran out and I didn’t want a join where it might be visible. I’m really pleased with the way it’s come out. If time had not been a factor I’d have worked the strap differently but I’m still proud of the finished object.

Of course while I am away in Oxford I am missing my little black horse, so is it any wonder when l saw this postcard I had to buy it?
Despite the busy schedule here I’m starting to feel much better than I did a few days ago. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer before I’m well enough to ride.

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