This is boring now

I am so bored of not being well enough to ride.

I think D is pretty bored of it too. On the plus side it’s progress that I feel well enough to wish I could ride, but there’s still a long path before I can get back on and bring him back to work.

I’m really lucky we’re still on summer turnout (i.e. out 17 hrs every day) so he’s not cooped up inside. I can’t afford to pay for him to be ridden as much as I’d like, but when my nominated staff member rides him it sounds like he feels fit and eager, fully recovered from his own health issues.

He’s also spent a lot of sessions on the lunge. He’s doing very nicely in the pessoa now and canters without drama or tantrums. He’s also been lunged without the pessoa over poles, both raised and flat, to give him something different to do.

When I’ve managed to get to see him he’s been unusually affectionate. When he sees me every day he doesn’t feel the need to groom me, but if it’s been a while I get a back massage if I scratch his withers. It’s nice to know he notices when I’m not around. I hope that soon I’ll feel well enough to start driving again so I can hang out with him more often, even if I can’t do much with him.

5 thoughts on “This is boring now

  1. The Lite Rider says:

    That’s good news about D. But feel bad for you! Hoping you feel better very soon. Hang in there, SG.

  2. Julie x says:

    I hope you’re feeling better soon. Thinking about you all the time.

  3. theInelegantHorseRider says:

    Oh that’s not good, I hope you feel better really soon. Glad to hear about D improving though. Take care.

  4. Awww, no! At least your pony loves you. I hope you feel better soon, Mrs. S!

  5. Liz at Libro says:

    Sorry to hear you’re still bad – get well soon!

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