3 steps forward, half a step back

Yes I know I was meant to post about schooling in walk next. I’ve started the draft but this one’s jumped the queue.

I have a cold.

A month or so ago I was terrified that if I caught a cold would become really serious as I was so unwell anyway. But here we are now and although it’s crappy and I need to be careful with myself I’d recovered so much before I caught the cold that it’s not much worse than usual for a cold so far.

It’s frustrating to have my recovery set back by this viral irritation but I feel quite positive somehow.  I think I was fearful that any cold or virus would set me right back to where I was a few months ago, so it’s a real relief to find I’m still fairly functional and while bed is the best place for me I’m still capable of, for example, going upstairs without feeling like I need to sit down half way up. That’s a triumph.

To summarise: I feel pretty awful and I feel really rather good about it. 😀 No one ever said being human was simple!


3 thoughts on “3 steps forward, half a step back

  1. The Lite Rider says:

    No, they didn’t! But it sounds like you are doing better than you thought you might be. 🙂

  2. Julie x says:

    Keep on going!x

  3. Elinor says:

    Soon back on your feet 100% I hope!

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