Geek crochet

Apparently there is a substantial overlap between yarn-o-philes and geekery. Arrayed on the internet you will find crochet Deathstars, knitted scarfs intricately patterned with the script from the LOTR one ring, and a multitude of baby Groots, pokemon and Tardises. (Oh how I wish the plural were Tardi.) I could only resist this phenomenon for so long, and actually paid real money for two crochet patterns. The first of the two was my totally inauthentic Viking helm.


And then I had to make another for a friend… and yet another friend has also requested one!

Apparently real Vikings did not have horns on their hats. But guess what? Real Vikings did not ever wear helmets made of soft acrylic. Like ever. So that does not worry me. Most days.

Pattern: Lael Viking hat by Mamachee available for purchase from Etsy or Ravelry (and probably some other places too). The copyright on the pattern does allow you to make them for sale, if credit is given to the designer, so before you wear yours out of the house decide whether you’re going to charge anyone who asks for one!

The second (oh obscure treasure of niche interest geekery!) is a Tonberry.wpid-20150207_164158.jpg

A Tonberry is a creature found in the Final Fantasy video game series*. Looks small, cute and innocuous, huh? Oh look, you underestimated it. GAME OVER. Would you like to reload? Apart from its cute looks and unexpected fighting prowess the Tonberry epitomises cool for the following reasons:
  • It’s rare and usually solitary
  • It’s in no hurry to attack you, starting a distance away and taking a turn to move each step. You have plenty of time to flee and it’s your own fault if you don’t
  • It breaks the in-game damage limit of 999, doing 9999 damage with its little knife
  • Karma. The Tonberry’s karma attack will deal back to your player all the damage you have done in the whole game. But if Karma is cast on a healer character they will get healed because they’ll have done more healing than damaging in the game. Seriously, Karma! In a video game!

I have to say this crochet version is yet another Tonberry that I underestimated. He took much more work to do than I expected, but he is also by far the largest and most accessorised amigurumi I’ve attempted so far. Also the only one I’ve done while working full-time, which makes everything take longer!

Tonberry pattern by Natalie Bates, available to buy on Ravelry.

After my two these-patterns-cost-money projects I had a need to make a free pattern, which also has a strong geek connection. wpid-20150209_134530.jpgThis iPod nano cover appears to the uninitiated to be simply a (wrapped around) green tree on a pale green background. But to those who have played Magic: The Gathering, this is a forest, which will produce green mana so you can play your green monster cards. The pattern is just for a flat square – I worked it in the round and then crocheted across the bottom. This was my first attempt at colour-work and I’m rather pleased with it. This isn’t a great picture of it – it looks neater than that in person. Also it didn’t take long at all to make, which was a bonus.I have to say I’m now fascinated by the possibilities of colour-work and need to take care to avoid rushing into a big new project I’ll never finish.

Pattern (chart) found here:

Which finished item is my favourite? The Tonberry. He’s the only one without a practical use and he cost me most in time but I love him the most.


*Although I mostly know it from Final Fantasy X (10) so this description is biased to how it appears in that game. In other games in the series it behaves slightly differently and Karma is called Grudge.

2 thoughts on “Geek crochet

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  2. Julie x says:

    Nope. My reindeer is definitely your best work so far.x

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