It’s the little things

I started drafting this when I felt pretty good. Since then I’ve caught a cold and been set back again. So I’m scheduling the post to go out at a time when I expect to feel better again. Confused? Me too. I’m documenting this stuff for myself, so I apologise if you find it boring.

I now semi-officially have a diagnosis of “Probably-Post-Viral-Indeterminate-Crap”. Which to be honest is exactly what I thought back in last summer. Meh. But along the way I picked up a clean bill of health for my heart, which “PPVIC” had been messing with big time, and there is a lot to be said for passing all the cardiac tests with flying colours when your GP thought there was going to be something wrong there. Also I met lots of lovely medical people, including the cardiologist whose letter to my GP begins “Thank you for referring this pleasant 33 year old lady whom I reviewed in clinic this morning.” How nice is that?! And I made a deaf old lady’s day in a waiting room – she had the air of a woman who had no idea she was talking to her husband so loudly everyone could hear her admiring my crocheting as we waited. Apparently she hadn’t seen anyone crochet for so long and was just delighted to see it being carried on for the next generation. Anyway, enough digression.

Here’s a list of a few of the things I can do again now which are wonderful:

  • Enjoy a shower rather than enduring it and needing a lie down afterwards
  • Wash my hair without needing days to recover
  • Brush my hair multiple times a day, because my arms are so light and obedient
  • Enjoy a reasonably hot bath without feeling sick or dizzy
  • Lift D’s saddle wherever I want to
  • Clean his saddle (still a challenge but I can do it)
  • Rug D in his heaviest turnout
  • Trot and canter D and get out of breath in a normal (albeit very unfit) sort of way
  • Give D a thorough groom and ride on the same day
  • Move between a hot room and the cold or via versa without shutting down
  • Go to the toilet without begrudging the steps it takes to walk there
  • Certain yoga poses
  • Be a useful member of the team at work
  • Hang washing up to dry
  • Have a conversation while standing up
  • Read actual print books (they were too heavy for me to hold before)

On the other hand, while a positive sign, it’s rather irritating that suddenly my fingernails and body hair grow so fast. How’s that for a first world problem?! While I was ill, in the unlikely event that I decided to spend some energy trimming unwanted keratin from my person, at least the effect lasted for ages. Now I feel like I must have hallucinated cutting my nails last week because they’re so long again this week. I really hadn’t noticed that nothing was growing at its usual rates, which is good in that if I’d noticed I’d have worried about it, but bad in that I didn’t appreciate the convenience of it!

2 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. theInelegantHorseRider says:

    Brilliant progress, I can’t imagine how tough all those months have been but pleased to hear things are improving for you. Plus loving the crochet posts, doing my first class in crochet shortly and your creations are total inspiration for me 🙂

  2. glass half full 🙂 congratulations!

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