Just ticking over

Unfortunately the physio stood us up on Friday. To quote Forest Gump, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

So how is Drifter? He’s still very stiff. He’s awkward turning in a small space and struggles walking downhill. I haven’t tried trotting under saddle for a while because it scares me. Going for long walks in hand really seems to help, although if they get too long it’s too much for me and I end up with swollen ankles, achy legs and (after prioritising dry feet over comfy ones the other day) blisters. Sigh. But if I’m feeling energetic he’ll trot in hand fairly happily.

The really positive news for him is that it’s officially summer on the yard – we’re on Summer Turnout now! Hurray! The weather’s not been that clement, but nevertheless they’ve been out for 17 hours overnight, every night rather than a measly few hours 3 times a week. This has really taken the pressure off me to keep him moving and I definitely think it’s helping him.

Work has been quite interesting lately, which is great, but it’s been really hard to keep it from taking all the energy I have. How are you supposed to slow down when there are deadlines attached and the things that you’re doing for the deadline are actually fun?! This past week it’s been very hard to do anything outside of work so I’ve been really lucky the horses were out overnight.

We had a walk together on Saturday and it was quite windy. There’s no way I’d hack on the roads when it’s windy but in-hand I had a wary confidence rather than all out fear. He was quite jumpy as we left the yard because, in addition to the wind, a newish mare pony decided it was awful that he was going without her and they called to each other half way up the road. We got to the first T-junction and a plastic bag was “running” along the grass verge in the wind. Drifter suggested that we go home, sharpish. I voted for standing still and looking at it, and in a very short space of time Drifter was ready to follow it curiously to see what he could learn from it. It blew up and flew in front of us, travelling along the middle of the lane, and we followed it at a safe but curious distance. Eventually it descended to earth for long enough for me to get a foot on it and defeat the monster. I’d have liked to get him to sniff it while I had it pinned down, but there was a car coming so I had to scoop up the bag and hustle D into a passing place so we weren’t stood in the middle of the single track lane, blocking the way and sniffing an Asda bag that might or might not eat horses. We continued on our walk with no further incidents.

If we can cope with monsters and cars in quick succession, even a windy day holds no fear 🙂


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