Getting stronger. Part 1.

I am getting stronger. It’s really strange to me that now I can jog up the stairs to get that thing I forgot, but stranger still is that I go to bed every night with a very slight post-exercise feeling of muscle tiredness. And when I wake, I feel a tiny bit stronger all over. I’m not really doing that much exercise, but everything is exercise for the body that got used to doing nothing.

In so many ways I find that I’d forgotten how my body used to run itself, and now that the old ways are returning it’s rather strange but rather wonderful.

Of course now I’m watching my muscles filling out again I realise things like how much more my right arm gets to do in normal life compared to my left arm, which is still skinny and flabby. When I groom Drifter I’m trying to use my left arm some of the time, but that’s too big of a challenge to do for more than a very brief time. What it can do is crochet: I am now an ambidextrous crocheter … although I have to admit my right hand knows a lot of stitches and my right hand currently only knows one. You might be surprised to know there’s actually a crochet technique that utilises alternate right and left hand rows. Here is an item I created using the technique.

Yes, I posted a picture of my beaver on the internet. (Why do I feel that anyone searching for those terms might be disappointed?)

Anyway, this is my first attempt at tapestry crochet worked with alternate hands and I have to say I think it’s not bad at all. I’m going to do another panel by the same designer in the same technique and then add borders and join them to make a cover for our large coffee table. These pattern charts are available for free which I think is amazingly generous because they are such beautiful designs. Also they work for quite a few different techniques so you don’t have to work with alternate hands unless you want to!

4 thoughts on “Getting stronger. Part 1.

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better! How refreshing 🙂

  2. Keep getting better!

  3. It’s so lovely to hear you getting physically better. I know for me it was amazing when I could walk just a short distance and not be so tired I had to have a nap afterwards. I would’t go back to that ever. You are doing amazingly and I love your strength and determination so much

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