Drifter was brought in from the field yesterday morning quite lame in a front leg. We saw the vet who narrowed it down to the hoof area. Later today we will be having x-rays looking for a pedal bone fracture. We could not have X-rays yesterday because we needed the farrier to be there. The vet can take the shoe off for the x-ray but if there is a fracture then the shoe is what’s holding everything together. If he does find a treatable fracture a (remedial) shoe needs to go back on ASAP.

Whatever is going on in that leg, even if it turns out to be relatively innocuous, is bad news for the back legs. The front end needs box rest. The back end struggles if not kept moving every day.

2 thoughts on “Lame

  1. Julie x says:

    I’ve got everything crossed. I hope it’s not too bad.x

  2. 😦
    Hoping for a simple (ha) abscess or some such.

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