2nd opinion, 2nd plan

So the x-rays that were sent off to the experts came back with the verdict that it is not a break / fracture / chip / bone damage. Yes his pedal bone has a weird looking bit but it’s just a funny shape and probably always has been. As my GP says, wherever you run tests you find something, but that doesn’t mean it’s a significant or relevant something.

The box rest has improved the lameness massively. It also meant that our first attempt at a trot up included some galloping on the spot, and when the vet asked to see him on the lunge there were some moments with something in common with flying a kite, but even when he’s acting out he’s careful to do it away from my personal space. In the stable he’s been very well-behaved so I was expecting him to need to let it all out sooner or later.

There is still some swelling directly above the hoof and a little lameness. I was offered two options. 1. Do a nerve block. 2. Do another week of rest and see if he’s sound next week. As the nerve block would only confirm where the pain is, which we think we know anyway, I went for option 2.

We also get to introduce some walking; initially in hand, but also under saddle later in the week. Wish us luck!

3 thoughts on “2nd opinion, 2nd plan

  1. Julie x says:

    Good luck!

  2. liascott says:

    My vet always opts for time – and it usually works. I have my fingers crossed for you both!

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