Writing something else

If I’m conspicuous by my absence here it’s because I’m busy writing a professional (I hope) article. Professional as in “regarding a profession”, and as in “of a serious nature,” not as in “I’ll be paid for it”.

Anyway, the week-day lunchtimes when I usually get round to glueing some words together for you are currently filled with a different type of word-gluing. Also, lunchtimes are the only point when I can get access to the archive material I need to inform some of the words.

The main thing I have learnt by reading minutes of meetings from the 1920s and 30s is that nothing ever changes except technology. I would minute meetings so much more nicely if my minutes were going into a massive leather bound volume, but I’m glad our department is no longer having to make a case to get a typist because hand writing the index cards is taking too long.

3 thoughts on “Writing something else

  1. Liz Dexter says:

    Ha – cool! I’d totally do a job typing index cards … born in the wrong decade, obviously. Hope you’re able to share your citation when it’s published!

  2. “:Hope you’re able to share your citation when it’s published!”

    Yes, please. Always interested in what people are up to in their non-horsey lives.

  3. Haynet says:

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