Seeing plenty of the vet

So the vet’s been back and Drifter is officially lame in both back legs.

When he is first trotted up his right is lamer, but as he warms up and does more that one eases and his left becomes worse. The left, which is a little swollen around the fetlock, is being scanned and x-rayed today. I’ll keep you posted.

Clicker training is providing us both with much entertainment in the meantime. At the weekend I clicker trained in the little outdoor school. The adjoining large school contained two little girls on their ponies, belting around bareback, at times without reins, and squealing pretty much constantly. Also, turned out in clear sight, one of the owners’ horses was galloping like a wild thing. Drifter was at liberty in the school with me but despite the potential distractions his attention did not waver from me, the clicker, and the all important bag of treats.

One thought on “Seeing plenty of the vet

  1. HippoLogic says:

    Sorry to hear that Drifter is lame. Poor horse. Heel veel beterschap en sterkte!

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