High heels for Drifter

I’m not sure Drifter appreciates me calling his wedge shoeing “high heels” but that’s just what they are and just what they do.

He seems to be swinging his hips more now he’s in them, and is he really acting more sassy?

Regardless, he seems considerably less lame and more content. I have been aboard, only in walk, with and without a saddle, and he seems to be doing fine, everything considered. He does offer trotting although the vet advised walk only for the moment, so I’m not taking him up on it.

In clicker training we’ve added “touch your chin to your chest” and generally he is eager to play and come to me. If I come to him with a head collar in the field he starts trying to stuff his face in regardless of whether I’m holding it ready for him. This leads to confusion when he gets his nose in the wrong hole, so I’m learning to start holding it open before I get close to him!

5 thoughts on “High heels for Drifter

  1. Oh, good news! I really hope the new shoes help. I’ve been really enjoying reading about your clicker training with him!

  2. Ahhh, so happy to read this!

  3. liascott says:

    Had to laugh … have EXACTLY the same haltering problem with my old Appy gelding! If I don’t have it ready, I swear he gives.me a miffed look!

    Hope the new “fashionable” shoes do the trick!

  4. Liz Dexter says:

    Oh sweet re the headcollar, what a sweety. The clicker training is fascinating. How did you get him to touch his chin to his chest in the first place, or have I missed that bit?

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