Dappled and drowsy

Drifter is a firm believer that he needs to get his winter coat on as soon as the longest day of the year is over. Consequently he is now getting rather bearlike. As we’re still confined to walk the sweating issue is not yet a problem, so he’s not yet been clipped.

He had a bath at the end of last week and now he’s a shiny fluffy kitty-horse. He also has dapples. It’s hard to get them to show up in a picture, but when you get the light right they look more obvious in the picture than they do in real life. In person they look black and blacker; not lighter and darker exactly, but reflecting light differently.


I didn’t know a black horse could have dapples, but apparently it’s a genetic thing that could be present in horses of many different coat colours. However they will only show up when the coat is healthy. So I’m pleased that a) I’m not imagining the dapples and b) despite the lameness, my horse must be pretty healthy otherwise! I’ve seen hints of them before, but as he spends the majority of his time clipped and apparently dapples show more or less depending on the seasons this is probably why it’s taken this long for them to be this clearly visible.

Regarding the legs, Drifter is sound but still moves carefully. The vet is pleased with his progress. We are to spend one more week in walk, before starting to introduce trot first on straight lines and then, after another week, with circles, corners, etc.

I need to book him in for clipping now that trot is on the horizon but I’m reluctant because I fear that as soon as I pay for a clip it’s jinxing him to go lame again. Also I really enjoy his fluffy cuteness!

6 thoughts on “Dappled and drowsy

  1. magreenlee says:

    Someone once told me that in Sweden (or maybe Denmark) the expression used for dapples translates as ‘happy spots’. I’ve always loved that 🙂 My guys are starting to shed off the summer coat but there’s no sign of the sinter woolies yet tho

  2. The Lite Rider says:

    My lease horse is already getting hair. He has thick, curly hair …. was so nice whilst he was bare!

  3. A New Path says:

    I love his dapples. They are gorgeous. Could he be a gray?

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