Wonderful Works on Horses

For my first ever re-blog… where work interests and non-work interests overlap!

Circulating Now from NLM

By Margaret Kaiser

The Library has acquired two wonderful works on horses.

The first, Il Cavallo da maneggio… is by Giovanni Battista di Galiberto, a Neapolitan count and riding master to Emperor Ferdinand IV, King of Hungary and Bohemia. This book,  printed in 1650 in Vienna, Austria, is the first edition of this beautifully illustrated work on horses and horsemanship. Il Cavallo da maneggio… (the manege or riding arena horse) is divided into three parts.  The first part is devoted to the proper training of horses. The second discusses horsemanship and the third deals with the illnesses of horses.  The engraved plates depict horse training scenes and equestrian equipment including bridles, spurs, and harnesses.

The second work, is the first English edition of the Duke of Newcastle’s work on horsemanship, A General system of horsemanship, printed in 1743 in London, England. The Duke of Newcastle was renowned as a…

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3 thoughts on “Wonderful Works on Horses

  1. Aaa William Cavendish! That’s the chap who lived at Bolsover Castle, where I went for the Grand Medieval Joust on the August Bank Holiday weekend and whose Cavalier Horsemanship displays I have seen before. I would love to give it a read. The other work is a new one on me. Thank you for this reblog!

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