Yup, still lame

Once again, I bring you an update from the vet.

As I expected, he agreed that Drifter was indeed still lame and not showing improvement, so he got a cortisone injection in the coffin join. Which apparently necessitated this generous bandaging for a few hours afterwards. Looks cozy!


I wasn’t able to be there with him, so I missed him being entertaining under sedation. He’s not been sedated before in the time I’ve had him, so we didn’t know how he’d react. Apparently he swayed rather and was not going to move for anyone. Which wouldn’t have been a problem except he was standing by a poo right where the vet needed to get clean access. I think they ended up moving the poo rather than the horse in the end. 20 min. later he was totally back to normal, asking for food from everyone he saw.

When I took the bandage off I confirmed there is indeed still a leg there, which is great. Beyond that it’s too early to tell. He was on box rest yesterday and this week will be turned out but no official exercise is permitted. Considering that he sometimes gets excited and a bit prancy with clicker training (especially if underexercised) I think I probably need to avoid that for a bit too. From next week we get 15 min. walking a day under saddle, increasing gradually after that. We will need to see the vet again (again?!) before any trotting is authorised.

I need to take a picture of the leg for you because the clipping is totally … different. We have the full-length of his now winter coat on the upper part of the leg, the half-grown out shaving around the fetlock, from when he had it scanned, the totally bald front of the pastern/coronet … and the few remaining long feathers sticking out at the back of the leg.



5 thoughts on “Yup, still lame

  1. liascott says:

    Sorry to hear he’s not improving, yet. Hopefully this will help him. I’ll keep good thoughts for you both!

  2. HippoLogic says:

    I hope he feels better soon. Keep faith!

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