Still grazing


Not much to say really. I’ve spent the week sick in bed, or on the sofa for a change of scene. Drifter has not been getting his vet prescribed exercise because of it (and because I don’t trust anyone else on his back while he’s lame-ish). I got on today and he seemed a bit better, I think, despite the lack of exercise, which was a vast relief. He’s due for a saddle fitting and I really need to get that done as he has changed shape massively but as most saddle fits look good on him in walk and then awful in trot and canter, I can’t really book it until we get vet’s permission to do more than walk.  He’s not lifting his back when I ride at the moment, but I’m assuming it’s at least partly the lameness. At the end of our little session today I had about 3 minutes bareback to see if I could get him to lift his back without the saddle. He wouldn’t, so I don’t think it’s the saddle fit stopping him. In the past when I barebacked and squeezed a little his back came up nice and round and I was sitting on the muscle like a happy camper. On the positive side I had expected the lame feeling (which has reduced) to be magnified when I took the saddle away and it wasn’t. He felt fairly good, all things considered, although I was a little more intimately acquainted with his withers and spine than I have been before. The loss of fat and muscle there felt pretty significant from a comfort point of view, but that was one of the reasons I kept it down to 3 minutes only, for both of our sakes! I have looked into buying a bareback pad, but of course the ones that look well designed are expensive and the ones that are cheap have plenty of drawbacks.

He should be seeing the vet again next week and I’ll be interested to hear how he feels Drifter is doing. I think he’s sound-ish in straight lines, but not on curves, but he’s been off for so long that it’s hard to tell.

2 thoughts on “Still grazing

  1. HippoLogic says:

    I agree on the bareback pads: the sheep skins are really expensive (like a cheap saddle) but they are worth it. Hope Drifter is healthy soon! Worrying about your horse sucks. 🙂

  2. magreenlee says:

    Hang in there 😦

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