In which Drifter defecates beautifully

I could have taken a picture, but I managed to restrain myself from being that person who takes a picture of their horse’s poo and raves about how beautiful it is to anyone who doesn’t run away fast enough.

Honestly I’m sure you can imagine it well enough. It looks just like the poo that comes out of every other horse with reasonable digestive health and I could not possibly be more proud. I thought they were looking good last week but this week they are so much better!

Thus it was that when another livery asked us when we were seeing the vet next (because they wanted to share the callout fee), I was able to smugly state we had had no need to book another appointment for any of his various complaints.

[I totally understand this is tempting fate, but still had to communicate it to you.]

Of course we haven’t competely dumped the vet – I had text communication with him last night regarding the diet going forwards. The plan is that we drop down to normal dose of the probiotic, continue with the vegetable oil for another fortnight before stopping and, once the molasses-free feed is running out, gradually transition him back onto the feed that we get as part of our livery package (the molassed version of the same feed).

If we were on a package where we provide our own feed I’d probably stay on the molasses free version, but we aren’t and I don’t think the small amount of molasses will do him any harm in the normal run of things now his gut has been “reprogrammed.” Obviously if we see ill effects when we start easing back onto the molassed feed I’ll re-think that!

So that’s the good news stories. The not so good is that half the yard disappeared overnight so the future of the yard is a bit unsettled. There were 3 horses that we knew were going, for a variety of reasons (proximity to home, change of owner’s job, intensive dressage schooling), which was a tiny bit worrying, but then 2 more owners decided to give their week’s notice – one with 2 horses and the other with 2 ponies. A total of 7 horses’ worth of income walked off the yard in a fortnight – just short of half of the livery horses on the yard.

For the meantime we still have a yard. Some staff will be leaving, and some staying on reduced hours, which is sad, but of the people that are affected I believe no one is distressed or in financial difficulty over it, so it could be a lot worse.

What will happen to the yard in the long term, who can say? So Drifter and I will take it one week at a time and let whatever will happen, happen. Life may have more ups and downs for us just around the corner, but at the moment I’ll carry on whooping and praising him everytime he does one of those beautiful piles of manure.



3 thoughts on “In which Drifter defecates beautifully

  1. So, any new boarders show up yet? ?

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