More of the same

The same and yet different. This time, instead of the leg falling off the horse at the bottom end of the leg, the issue is at the top end of the leg.

I have to admit at the moment we haven’t exactly pinpointed where the pain is. It’s related to movement of the left fore, and it’s at the top of the horse somewhere. All being well, the physio will be investigating tomorrow.

He’s OK in walk. Trotting hurts, but not as much as coming back down to walk, so if he is made to trot, you can’t get him back to walk willingly.

Everytime I clip this horse because exercise is making him sweat too much, he comes up with a new way to break and stop me exercising him. He looks pretty smart for a pasture ornament though.


2 thoughts on “More of the same

  1. Whaaaat!!! Argh!
    OK, hang in there!

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