11 thoughts on “All is well

  1. Julie x says:


  2. Liz Dexter says:

    Congratulations! Well done!

  3. Congratulations!!

  4. jthenovice says:

    Back to WP after a very long time away. I remembered your blog’s title, and found it again. Congratulations and well done on bringing a beautiful life into the world!

  5. AAAAH! Cuteness heart attack! The very most heartfelt congratulations – enjoy your start on mother hood, it’s going to be awesome!!! Now, get some sleep 🙂

    • Sparrowgrass says:

      Thanks. Re. sleep: it’s 4.20 in the morning here … we are working on it!

      • Oh sweetheart. Feel for you. It gets better, and when it does, it is SO good. Just do your own thing and do not listen to all the crazy mommies with all their advice. 4.20 sounds a bit early to get up though. Hope there may be a late morning nap for you both…

  6. Mark Perry says:

    Put a friend’s request on Facebook but you Dont use it anymore

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